(top) We created a buildable site for Walgreens by re-routing and enclosing a significant, active stream. Since the stream could not be blocked for construction, the work was scheduled during the historical “low flow” period of the year (winter), adding to the challenge. Even though we experienced unusually high water flows, we were able to stage and complete the 150+ foot culvert on time to deliver the project successfully.

(bottom) We performed the first Electrical Resistant Heating (ERH) process in Northern Ohio for the remediation of deep contaminated soil and ground water. The process used nearly 1,000,000 Kilowatt hours of electrical heat to volatize the petroleum hydrocarbon contamination.

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solutions: environmental balance

Over nine decades, we have met and mastered new challenges time and time again. Environmental issues — including remediation and compliance — are high on this list and on almost every project agenda. Our results in this specialty are a clear testament to our team’s capabilities. Included in that long list are:

  • More than 75 single use site remediations
  • Installed creative storm runoff techniques
  • Implemented cost-effective wetlands issues solutions

Whatever the nature of your real estate relationship with us, know that the environmental arena is one more place where Visconsi Companies is committed to being a leader in our industry [186 KB PDF].

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